Temping is an opportunity. Understanding recruitment fundamentals…. in today’s market.

The unemployment rate has increased in Queensland. Therefore, there are more applicants vying for positions vacant. What happens if you find yourself unemployed in 2018? Do you take a temp assignment if offered? Absolutely! And I have rock solid evidence as to why!

Most employers treat the Recruitment Process as Elimination rather than Selection! A client once reported receiving 300 applicants for a position on Brisbane’s Northside. This client took five weeks to ‘Eliminate’ the applicants to a shortlist to interview. Whilst this process was underway, the role was filled by a temp referred by a trusted source (Davis Recruitment).  In the end, the role was filled….. by the Temp!

Another example is a recent Savvy Job Seeker of Davis Recruitment accepted a temp role where two long term secretaries who job-shared in the practice had resigned. Seeing the potential and being the first to temp in this practice, this Savvy Job Hunter sold herself to the employer! This person got to practice the travel to and from work, work with the systems, the patients, the employer and see the potential! The candidate negotiated their preferred hours, days, pay rate with the employer knowing what they will expect in the future – after all, they have already seen the practice/employer in operation. It works both ways!

This is by no means an isolated case. In the past six months, 30-40% of our Temporary Placements have resulted in Permanent Offers. The majority of these offers were accepted.

Unfortunately, there is a view held by candidates that if they take a temp assignment, they may miss out on a permanent opportunity! Not so! If you are working you are:

  • Earning an income
  • Keeping your confidence (nothing more demoralising than watching the TV all day and thinking about what everyone else is doing – even if the Tennis is on…and I do love watching the Australian Open!)
  • Meeting new people (sometimes it’s who you know – look back at your previous positions and count how many were offered because of contacts?)
  • Gaining new skills
  • Learning about yourself – perhaps it’s an area you thought you would like to work in and now it isn’t? Conversely, you have just landed on the area of medicine you want to spend the rest of your life working in!
  • Demonstrating to a prospective employer your skills (which can lead to an offer of permanent employment).

What if you are offered a permanent role that doesn’t meet your expectations but you need the money? Be honest and tell the employer that! ‘This isn’t what I am looking for but I will help you out for 1,2,3 months!’ Whatever you think you can commit to! Everything is negotiable. Perhaps you have a skillset that an employer requires immediately and there are no other alternatives available (the IT Industry is renowned for this irregularity).

I often receive comments e. :likbut if I take a temp job, this might affect my CV”? A temp job is not a weakness on your CV – rather it is a strength!  If you have acted ethically in the assignment, disclosed your motivation, honoured your commitment and acted with a code of conduct expected of any employee, this couldn’t possibly be a weakness. Indicate it as a temp assignment on your CV and be ready to answer questions about this ‘opportunity’ when asked.

Conversely, candidates need to understand that an offer from an agency for a temp assignment is an offer of employment – to be taken seriously! Not ‘just a temp assignment’. Temp assignments are paid opportunities to gain more skills, meet more people and be in a position to hear about vacancies.  They are also opportunities for the Recruitment Agency (aka us) to trial employees! As a Recruitment Consultant, we seek out feedback from clients and candidates about the temporary roles we recruit for.  We have a thorough understanding of the current market. Feel free to contact us to discuss our process and temporary placement rates.

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