Temporary Positions

For Our Clients

We will help you to find temporary medical staff to cover annual leave, sick leave, and unexpected leave. We take the time to ensure that we only recommend candidates who are well trained and professional at all times. By partnering with Davis Recruitment, you can rely on us to provide you with qualified employees when you need them the most. Leave the hard work to us! 

For Our Candidates

Working in a temporary position gives you the unique opportunity to gain workforce experience and work flexible hours. Many of our candidates have experienced significant career development, which results from the rewarding opportunity to become an integral part of a team.

Advantages of a Temporary Position

Develop your skills

Temporary assignments offer you a unique ability to widen your skillset, due to the variety of assignments and tasks you will complete. You will broaden your expertise and deepen your knowledge, which will ensure that you are a more employable candidate in the future.

Work flexible hours

Working in a temporary position enables you to have flexibility in your working life. Although there is no guarantee that you will have work all the time, you have the ability to choose when you would like to work.


Be exposed to a wide range of opportunities

Temporary positions are very popular and well regarded by employers, because they offer security in times of need. As a result, there are countless opportunities for you as a candidate. Visit our Current Jobs to view a list of opportunities waiting for you!


Broaden Your Networks

Many of our candidates are rewarded by the opportunity to meet new professionals in their field. The ability to broaden your networks will offer you a unique advantage to increase your future employability.

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