Our Process

We pride ourselves on our quality, cost-efficient, and personalised recruitment process. We adopt a unique approach, which allows us to tailor our services to suit the individual needs of every client.

Our Recruitment Process

  1. Understand Your Job Specification
    The first step in our recruitment process is to understand your key needs and requirements. For our existing clients, this can be conducted via phone or email. For our new clients, we prefer to meet with you to develop a relationship with you.
  2. Search Our Database
    After gaining an understanding of your ideal candidate, we will perform a preliminary database search. Our existing database comprises of professional and skilled candidates looking for both temporary and permanent positions. If our candidates meet the requirements of your job specification, we will forward their resume to you for your consideration.
  3. Advertise your Job Online
    Following our database search, we will advertise your position on Seek and LinkedIn, to attract additional interest from potential candidates. We will also advertise your position as a Current Job on our website. As we understand the importance of client confidentiality, all advertising conducted on your behalf will be done so anonymously.
  4. Consider the Candidate
    After aligning your job specification with all potential candidates, we will forward to you the resumes of the applicants which we believe are most suitable for you. You will then have the opportunity to nominate the applicants which you believe fulfil your job requirements.
  5. Select Your Candidate
    Once you have conducted interviews with the potential candidates, we will offer the position to the applicant who you believe is the most suitable. If you were unable to find a candidate perfect for your role, we will continue searching until this is possible.
  6. Follow-Up with the Placement
    All permanent placements are guaranteed for a period of three months. During this period, we will be in contact with you to ensure the successful applicant is suitable for the role. This ensures satisfaction for both our clients and our candidates.

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