We all know everyone has a different personality and some personalities are quite diverse with others. Jim Collins wrote in his Good to Great Excerpt when they began their research project: “I don’t really know where we should take this bus. But I know this much: If we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus, then we’ll figure out how to take it someplace great.” 

When hiring staff, it’s important to consider during the process who is the right fit. The right fit is more than ticking boxes in relation to software skills, experience and longevity. Other factors to consider are personality characteristics such as empathy, positivity and the ability to adapt to any given situation; go with the flow and step up when it’s called for. 

Your staff are the first point of contact for incoming patients over the phone and in person. They should be an extension of your “right hand”. They are your practice mission statement and work with you in making your practice great. Creating an environment where patients not only believe that you are their trusted advisor but your staff also is key in this day and age.